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Meet the Team

We love words. We love languages. We love translations.

Meet the folks from Argos and find out what it is like to work here, whether it is in the Krakow office, Kansas office, Colorado office, or in their own home offices. See how their contribution and dedication helps to get things done.

Strategic Account Manager

I am part of the sales team. My role as Strategic Account Manager is to ensure that our clients have a great experience with us- start to finish.

Junior Language Lead

I’m a language lead and a quality assurance specialist, that means, in general, that I find faults with other people and get paid for this: isn’t it a dream job?

Lead German Linguist

I am the Lead German Linguist. Apart from translating for many of our clients, I am the main linguistic contact for in-house staff and freelance vendors.

DTP Manager (US)

I manage the Desktop Publishing Dept. at the SH3 office in Overland Park, Kansas

System Administrator - HelpDesk

I am part of the IT department and am mainly responsible for preparing computers and managing our helpdesk. I am fairly new to Argos so I still have a lot to learn!

Language Lead

I work as a language lead, which involves coordination of translation projects, mostly from various linguistic aspects.

DTP Specialist

I am a DTP Specialist, with expertise in Asian languages. I love my job, working remotely from my home in Virginia.

Vice President of Global Sales

My role is VP of Global Sales. It is a mix of sales and account management. I enjoy helping clients find efficient ways to maximize quality and cost in their localization programs.