Although it’s not as new to the market as the Apple Watch, we were still a bit surprised to learn of the Meowlingual, a hand-held electronic device that claims to be able to “de-code” what your cat is trying to tell you.

By running an analysis on your cat’s face, the small, handheld gadget will categorize “the look” into a handful of different moods.

It will also clue you into your cat’s emotions based on its gestures and behaviors.

And with the press of a button you can use the Meowlingual to “verbalize” one of approximately 200 pre-programmed “Cat Chat” words and phrases so your cat can finally understand you in its own language!

However, based on the YouTube videos viewed as part of background research for this story, this product may be hazardous to your health and hazardous to your relationship with your cat! Full disclosure: The Meowlingual will not work without the required pair of AA batteries (not included, of course).