Argos Multilingual, a leading language services provider is hosting a series of free linguistic meetups for Krakow students completing linguistic studies. The “Languages in Action” program will feature 5 meetups with each focusing on a different topic and being led by a different Argos Multilingual expert.

The purpose of these linguistic meetups is to provide students studying linguistics with valuable information about the language industry and what their options will be career-wise after completing such a course.

Having partnered with several universities in the Krakow area to promote this event, the response has so far been positive with many students keen to participate.

The first meetup will begin after the examination period on the 7th of March. The topic will be “An Insight into the Language industry” followed by:

  • Understanding Translation Technology
  • From Translation and Revision to Quality Assurance and Language Leading
  • Working with Translation Agencies
  • Project Management: a career option?

More information about the Languages in Action meetups can be found here: